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Putting down their roots back in 1949, Diners Club was the first charge card in existence. For a long time this prestigious credit card was only offered to wealthy business class customers. Slowly and over time this has changed, and this veteran charge card is now available to a wider range of cardholders. In fact, there are several online poker sites which accept the Diners Club charge card as a viable online payment option. Its presence is smaller within the online gambling community than its counterparts Visa and MasterCard, however this does not diminish the value to cardholders of being able to use your credit card to fund your online poker account. You'll find that this charge card is accepted at more than 6 million merchants worldwide, including Diner's Club poker sites, and currently provides services to more than 8 million cardholders. While the Diner's Club card is not quite as popular as other major brands, it is still a very reliable and secure credit card poker option.


This unique charge card does not operate exactly like other credit cards. For most accounts, the monthly balance cannot be carried forward and must be paid off each month. This actually enhances the value of using your card account for playing online poker because it does not allow you to go into long-term debt to fund your gambling entertainment. This can end up keeping many players out of financial trouble. There is also an international version of the card that services cardholders all over the world, making this card a popular option among international players as well. You can learn more about the terms of this charge card by visiting the Diner's Club Card website.


There are only a small number of online poker sites which accept Diners Club deposits. Because of the monthly requirement of paying off the balance on the account, this card simply appeals to less people, particularly shunned by those who embrace the buy now pay later philosophy. We definitely recommend that you do not integrate this type of philosophy into your preferred online poker deposit method choice. Cardholders must be responsible and diligent in managing their monthly budget to accommodate any charges placed on their account. In actuality, there are a large number of online gamblers who simply don't want that type of pressure. Stringent membership requirements are a primary reason that card holder invitations were originally restricted to successful business class individuals.


Our team of review specialists rounded up all the poker sites accepting this card option, and put them through our intensive review process. This was done to determine their legitimacy, the level of their security, and their overall quality. Any brand considered for inclusion in this guide was extensively evaluated and put through a rigorous series of testing. We do not settle for brands which simply meet licensing requirements and minimal industry standards. We expect that any online poker brand that genuinely wants our business will do everything possible to demonstrate their commitment to players. This means that the security profile would be robust enough to rival that of any world-class financial institution. It also means that they would have obtained licensing and compliance certification from a respected governing jurisdiction and will voluntarily participate in regulatory auditing.


Brands which truly want to win you over will invest in sophisticated and high quality online poker software solutions that provide a feature-rich, customizable, consistent, and reliable gaming performance. We want to be impressed; we want our socks knocked off. Lastly, we take a look at a poker brand bonuses and incentives to see just how hard they're trying to get the attention of players. We review their wagering requirements to ensure that they are reasonable as well as the incremental disbursement of the bonus money to ensure that it's fair. Once all these components have been thoroughly investigated, we then eliminate those brands which did not meet our requirements for inclusion, and ad the names of those brands which met and/or exceeded our standards. The ones which made the cut are listed in the table below as our featured Diners Club poker sites.


Online Poker Sites Accepting Diner's Club
Poker Site Accepts USA Players? Poker Bonus Offer Poker Bonus Code
Intertops No 200% Up To $1000 TPG110
BetOnline Poker Yes 200% To $2500 Poker Yes 200% To $2500  


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