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On our homepage we have mentioned the not only do we carefully review each online deposit method that is well-established within the market, but we also keep a close watch on potential payment solutions which are on the horizon. EziPay poker falls into this category. This payment solution is already widely used in the online casino sector, however has not been added to the banking suite options in other online gambling venues. You will find it listed in the cashier directory of nearly every Microgaming online casino. However we are still waiting to see this option make it onto the online poker deposit method platform. Unfortunately, this option is a non-USA online payment option and was originally known as Payspark. You will actually see both logos still being used throughout the online gaming community; however they are one and the same. USA players are unable to utilize this option, but there are some highly secure and reliable poker deposit methods for USA players.


With the strong presence that the EziPay brand enjoys within the online casino market, we are anticipating that it is only a matter of time before the online card room industry moves to embrace this deposit method as well. It is an option that is also not found within the sports betting industry. We're really not sure why these two gambling venues have not jumped on board to integrate this secure payment solution into their communities. One of the elements of this payment solution that really won us over and got us to become huge fans is the level of security that is in place and the lengths that this brand goes to provide protection for their customers' sensitive data. Effective security is just one of our little obsessions, and we would expect that this type of stability in an online payment solution would attract any and all types of e-commerce markets, which explains how they secure millions of merchants globally to their network. We would really like to see this option enter the online card playing platform sooner rather than later. We will be watching anxiously to see progress made on this front.


When it's time comes, EziPay poker will more than likely offer the same type of registration process as the casino industry does. Players are able to apply for an account directly from the gambling site's cashier. All you have to do is select the Ezi Pay or Payspark logo – whichever one is rendered in the menu, and follow the prompts you are given to complete your account registration. Once your registration is completed you will be provided with a virtual prepaid card that you are able to use at any online merchants that accept this payment method. You will also receive an ATM card which is how you can access your funds instantly. The wide spread payment method can be used at more than 1 million points-of-sale around the world and accessed from more than 1 million ATMs worldwide. Some online gaming sites only provide access to account registration by invitation only. In this case, the website in question typically provides an option for players to request an invitation and start the process. .


Once online poker sites begin accepting Ezi-Pay deposits, you will see that information reflected on this page. We will be closely watching for any changes and/or industry updates that point towards the possibility that it will become available for card players. At that time we will begin placing potentially participating brands through our rigorous review process as they express an interest in this deposit method. As excited as we will be our favorite online card rooms will be getting on board, it will not be a free pass into our guide. No Internet gambling brands are approved until we verify the legitimacy, security, and quality of each and every operation that partners with Ezi-Pay. The online card room locations which meet our standards will find themselves included in our guide and recommended to our visitors. Those who fall short will be eliminated from consideration.


The gambling destinations you see listed below do not accept Ezi Pay payments at this time. (Though we hope that status will be short lived...) They do however offer some really great alternative e-wallet solutions that offer a strong level of flexibility, convenience, and security. Each of these sites has also been personally vetted by our team, ensuring that they are all legitimate, safe, and reputable. We genuinely hope to be able to update this page in the near future with trusted online card rooms accepting EziPay deposits and direct our visitors to a really safe and reliable option for funding their online gaming accounts.


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