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The Maestro card is a UK debit card that is associated with MasterCard. This debit card is tied directly to your bank account, and any purchases or expenditures you make using this card are debited directly from your bank account within 48 hours. This is not a line of credit, and players may only spend up to the amount of funds available in their bank account. It is a widely accepted and preferred online payment method used within the online gambling industry as a whole, and Maestro poker sites are no exception. Players enjoy the flexibility, convenience, and overall ease of use that a debit card account can bring to the table. And operators enjoy the reliability and added security that comes with the MasterCard brand. Funds transfers occur instantly and seamlessly so that you can begin your gaming session immediately upon authorizing the transaction. We really can't find many downsides to this reliable solution other than the fact that it is not a USA friendly poker deposit option.


Each time you make a purchase using your Maestro debit card, you will be required to enter your four to six digit pin. This provides enhanced security in addition to that which your bank already has in place as well as the security employed by the poker site you're playing at. This is not a US friendly payment solution, and is only available to UK players. It's Association with the MasterCard brand allows it to be a far-reaching option for both online and offline purchases, and can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. This debit card also has access to MasterCard SecureCode enhanced security features which protect players and merchants from fraudulent transactions and identity theft. This security feature reduces the risk of vulnerability to the card holder significantly. It's really easy to see why UK players love using this card to fund their online gambling accounts. You can learn more about the terms of becoming a cardholder by visiting the Maestro Card website.


Due to the fact that a large number of gambling sites accept this deposit method, it is critical that players are extremely selective regarding which brands they will consider as potential options for online gambling activity. Relying on a trusted resource guide such as this one can assist players in avoiding dangerous, predatory, and undesirable gaming sites which are considered to be virtual bad neighborhood (these sites usually appear very legitimate and professional at first glance). We have team of dedicated professional gamblers who devote a great deal of time and effort into reviewing online gambling sites for legitimacy and quality. This is a complex operation, particularly with the intense review process that we have in place. If our experts spend hours reviewing just one poker brand, identifying red flags or genuine positive attributes for each gambling site, then we suspect that this would be no simple task for the novice player. This is why expert input can be so valuable to players. Not only can we save you time and effort, but we can help you to eliminate risk and avoid a legitimately threatening situation.


To give you an idea of what each Maestro poker site was evaluated for just to be considered for further investigation, here are some of the key elements we review (this is just scratching the surface – we just wanted to give you a glimpse into how involved the process is).


  • 1. Is this site legitimately licensed within a respected jurisdiction and subject to strict regulatory oversight which audits compliance, software performance, and fair gaming practices? Is the brand transparent about these elements?

  • 2. How advanced is their security profile? Is there SSL coding up-to-date? Do they employ sophisticated data encryption technology? Is there fraud prevention system in place, and who monitors it?

  • 3. What type of online gaming software solution do they use? Does it provide a reliable and consistent performance? Is it buggy at all? Is the software feature-rich and what type of player tools are included? Does the software have built in security?

  • 4. How robust is the game menu? How fair is the rake percentage? How many cash games are available at any given time? How active is their tournament schedule? What is player traffic like?

  • 5. Are their bonus offers legitimate with reasonable wagering requirements? Is their incremental disbursement of the bonus money fair?

  • 6. Is their customer support staff knowledgeable and responsive in dealing with and resolving a player issues?

  • 7. What is the brand's reputation throughout the online gambling community with both players and industry professionals?


This is just a short list that tells us whether or not an online poker site is worthy of further scrutiny. It is just step one. We cannot stress to you enough just how critical it is that these elements of the operation are reviewed. Reviewing those components ensures that the brand is operating legally within the industry, that they offer a safe gaming environment, and that their quality is what we expect. The Internet gambling sites included in this guide have been carefully reviewed and were found to meet our requirements for inclusion in this guide. They are brands which we ourselves are registered players at, and can easily recommend to you.


Online Poker Sites Accepting Maestro Debit Card Deposits
Poker Site Accepts USA Players? Poker Bonus Offer Poker Bonus Code
BetOnline Poker Yes 200% To $2500 Poker Yes 200% To $2500