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Solo And Switch Debit Poker Sites


The Solo card is a widely used UK prepaid debit card, with nearly 1,000,000 online merchants offering virtual point-of-sale locations. The card operates identically to any other type of debit card, meaning that you cannot spend more than what is present in your account. We would like to point out that this is an ideal solution for any players who would benefit from a self-imposed spending limit. Embracing the philosophy of not being able to spend more than you have in your possession is a very healthy approach to managing your online gambling entertainment. This card is part of the Maestro network which is owned and operated by MasterCard. This provides a lot of flexibility to the brand, and allows consumers access to a massive merchant network. It is not available to USA players at this time. US players can refer to our US poker sites for access to USA friendly poker deposit options.


The Solo branded card holds a much greater presence within the casino industry, but is still on the map within the online poker arena. We will always be in favor of these types of prepaid payment options because they really protect players by not exposing personal identity information or sensitive financial data to any third party merchants. This minimizes the damage should any breach occur, and also eliminates the majority of the risk involved regarding fraud and theft. This card brand is associated with the Switch card network, both of which are simply brand names much like the Visa and MasterCard brand names are used in the credit and debit card arena. They are often referenced together because other than their name, they are identical.


There are a handful of online poker sites that accept Solo + Switch debit deposits. As always, we've carefully reviewed each brand included here in our guide, to ensure that players have access to only the most legitimate, secure, and reputable online gambling destinations. We have confirmed that each of these sites is legally licensed and holds authentic compliance certifications issued by the licensing jurisdiction that also provides regulatory oversight for the industry within their territory. This regulatory oversight also includes regular auditing of the site's software platform and fair gaming practices.


Next we take a look at how refined the security profile is. We expect to see powerful data encryption technology, advanced SSL coding, and sophisticated fraud prevention systems that include a technical staff trained to monitor them. Want to see extensive firewall protection as well. We really expect any online poker site wants our business to tenaciously demonstrate their commitment to protecting players, their personal identification information, and their sensitive financial data. Any gambling site unwilling to do this is not worthy of your attention nor is it worthy for inclusion in this guide.


We take a long and hard look at the poker software solution which powers the gambling experience at each brand. It needs to deliver a reliable and consistent performance each and every time, as well as a feature-rich user interface that offers robust player tools and statistical tools. Strong customization options don't hurt either. Players should expect to see an efficient and flexible banking suite that offers suitable poker deposit method options to their target player base. The customer support staff should be knowledgeable and responsive, efficiently dealing with and resolving player issues.


We closely evaluate their bonus offers and promotions to determine their legitimacy, and to ensure that their incremental disbursement of the bonus money and their wagering requirements are reasonable. All of this is done simply to determine which Internet gaming sites will be included for further investigation. Many of the low quality or unethical websites are eliminated during this part of the process because of the strong focus on legitimacy and security, which are two areas that illegitimate sites are not willing to invest in most of the time.


After additional evaluations take place for the remaining elements of the operation, we are left with only those industry leading brands that provide a protected and safe gaming environment and a high quality gaming experience. You can see the results of this process in the table below where we have listed our recommended Solo and Switch debit card poker sites. There is at least one member of our team that is a real money registered player at each brand below. We don't believe in recommending any gambling sites that we ourselves are not willing to spend our own time and money at. It is just how we roll.


Online Poker Sites Accepting Switch And Solo Debit Card Deposits
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