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Visa Electron is a global credit and/or debit card payment solution that is available to most parts of the world excluding the United States. US players can check the portion of our guide dedicated to USA poker deposit methods. This brand is most popular among UK players, and offers both credit card and debit card options. Obviously it is associated with the Visa major credit card brand, which provides both legitimacy, enhanced security, and a far-reaching merchant network. The flexibility of being able to choose the type of account that you would like to have affords players a choice in how they want to manage the funding of their online gambling entertainment. The fact that they offer both the debit and credit card options sets them apart a little bit from other types of online payment solutions. This has driven the popularity of Visa Electron poker sites to increase significantly and is now rated as a premium online poker deposit method.


In most cases, consumers opt for the debit card version of this payment option. One reason is that approval is processed faster because credit worthiness does not play a role in the decision. As long as you have a valid bank account and your country of origin is not the US, you are eligible to be a debit card holder. It's a great option for players who do not want to integrate a line of credit into their online gambling, and for players who simply do not have the necessary credit rating to be approved for a credit card. The debit card will be tied directly to your bank account, which means you will not be able to spend more than what is present in your account and the funds will be debited within 48 hours rather than being billed to you at the end of the month in a credit card monthly statement. This debit card can be used anywhere that the Visa credit and debit card brand is accepted.


The credit card version operates exactly like any other credit cards. You accrue charges that will be billed to you monthly in which a minimum payment will apply and interest charges will be added. Obviously paying interest on your online gambling expenditures is not ideal. We recommend that if there is any chance you will not be paying your bill off monthly, that you consider the debit card option instead. Going into debt to fund your online gambling entertainment is never ever a good idea. Players who struggle with effective bankroll management or self-control when it comes to self-imposed spending limits should probably stay away from the credit card option. We would really hate to see a player get into financial distress because they racked up heavy gambling related debt.


We have comprised a listing of the legitimate online poker sites accepting Visa Electron deposits. As with each and every poker deposit review that we provide in this guide, each brand has been thoroughly reviewed by our team of online gambling site review specialists. This team is comprised of long time gamblers, several of which play online poker with a professional or semi professional status. In other words, they know precisely what they're doing. With a combined range of experience that spans decades, our team leaves no virtual stone untouched when evaluating these online gambling sites. We verify each site's legitimacy within the industry, as well as the viability of their security profile and the overall quality of their gaming performance and administrative processes. Once we determined that a site is legally licensed, compliance certified, extremely secure, and can hold their own when it comes to gaming performance, we move them onto phase 2 which begins intricately taking apart each and every element to their operation.


Part of our intensive review process does include bombarding the poker brand being evaluated with aggressive gameplay and inquiries to test the reliability and consistency in their gaming performance as well as the knowledge and responsiveness of their customer support staff. We present complex banking issues to test the efficiency and timeliness that is demonstrated when processing transactions and resolving issues. In other words this is an interactive review process that truly tests every critical component in the online gambling operation. You can assume that if a brand is represented in the table below that they came through our review process by meeting and/or exceeding our stringent requirements for inclusion in this guide. They accept Visa Electron poker deposits, and have been designated as industry leading brands and will provide you with a safe and secure gaming environment and an overall high-quality gambling experience.


Online Poker Sites Accepting Visa Electron Debit Cards
Poker Site Accepts USA Players? Poker Bonus Offer Poker Bonus Code
BetOnline Poker Yes 200% To $2500 Poker Yes 200% To $2500